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The Berlin Drum Days is back in May 2024!

As a homage to this instrument that we hold so dearly to our hearts, each year Drumtrainer Berlin hosts a celebration to the art of drumming right here in Berlin and we are very excited to share this year’s line up with you…

First up, one of the world’s most prolific drummers, who just so happened to be from Germany, the one and only Anika Nilles! She will be joined by Mars Volta’s Philome, and Markus “Onkel” from the world famous Hamburg based marching band Meute. We are also excited to bring you jazz & fusion drummer Christin Neddens and the up-and-coming Theresa Stark who was recently bashing the skins for German hip-hop star Caspar. And of course, Drumtrainer Berlin’s very own Dirk Erchinger – who spent 2023 touring with Apache 207 – will host the event! It is important for us that each participant has a focused and intensive drumming experience, where you can ask all of your burning questions and leave with that feeling of a tight drumming community so the event will be limited to just 25 participants.

Stay tuned as more artists will be announced soon…

The Lineup So Far:

Anika Nilles
Christin Neddens
Clinton Agu
Dirk Erchinger
Markus “Onkel” Lingner
Noah Fürbringer
Philo Tsoungui
Stephan Genze
Theresa Stark

The trainers of berlin drum days

Program 2024

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